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In an increasingly competitive economic and labour market and having investing in recruitment; consider the importance of ongoing learning and development requirements of your workforce –
to facilitate individual and team growth and retention – and in the interest of your evolving
business needs and prosperity.

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Learning and Development

Consider also the steps to ensure that your workforce continues to be well-equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise, as may be essential for their individual area of work and your business.

Learning and Development will be at a strategic and operational level, as appropriate, throughout the employee life-cycle.

Areas of Learning and Development support include;

In the interest of establishing a strategy and culture for a continuous professional development culture, at AnoisHR we collaborate with our customers to customise a unique policy for individual business needs – setting out and co-ordinating management and employee responsibilities and activities, as required. 

To ensure continuous development and productivity, it is important to consider the knowledge, skills, behaviours of employees at all levels of seniority within your business; establish whether any gap areas exist and how to develop and replenish effectively at individual, team and business levels.  At AnoisHR, we can partner with you to conduct business-wide Learning Needs Assessments.

Every organisation regardless of size or industry should ideally have an induction programme in place for all new employees. This will provide important and essential information and ensure clear understandings and to generally facilitate employees in familiarising and adapting quickly; so as to establish clear expectations and standards of the company from the outset.  The amount, nature and delivery of any programme may vary from company to company; which can be either a more formalised group approach or a one-to-one informal capacity.   At AnoisHR we can work with you to develop a bespoke solution to induction to suit your unique business.

At AnoisHR, we can deliver Psychometric Assessment tools to provide insight into areas of development that may be required; including for leadership and teams.  See more on Psychometrics

At AnoisHR, we can provide support and advice to upcoming, new and existing line and senior leaders in facilitating the effective HR management of respective teams.

With the purchase of HR Information Software by myhrtoolkit and/or Applicant Tracking Software by hireful, we provide training on usage after implementation and ongoing support, as required. Click here to view more on HRIS and ATS Software.