WHAT WE DO > HR Services


WHAT WE DO > HR Services


Now more than ever, in ever increasingly competitive jobs and economic markets and global pandemic, employers need to attract, shortlist and secure top talent compliantly and cost-effectively;
who will be able to work/deliver to the standards expected in a flexible manner.

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Investing resources and time into a combined approach of objective, diverse and data driven methodologies to attract the most suitable candidates; getting the hiring process wrong by inexperienced hiring managers, without understanding of the legal implications or best practice and/or wrong hiring decision(s); all of which can be a very costly expense and potential drain on productivity for any company in both the short and long-term.

At AnoisHR, we offer a comprehensive and efficient range of consultancy and project services across the acquisition of talent – from customised end-to-end management or support on specific areas only; (volume or single role resourcing).  We have expertise across multi-disciplines, sectors and level of seniority.  

This may be a) advisory at a strategic auditing level in project planning and the creation of specific recruitment documentation or
b) at a ‘hands on’ operational level support which could include, but not limited to, sourcing a pool of potentially suitable candidates only, psychometric testing, purchase of Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to support the efficient administration of a busy recruitment and selection process.  (For more information, view ATS Software).

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Consultation and advice on the most suitable approach to recruitment and selection for your unique business requirements; encompassing volume, diverse disciplines, market etc. 
Development of Recruitment and Selection policy.

On Diversity and Inclusion, GDPR compliance, Employer Branding – free recruitment audits available with the purchase via AnoisHR of your own fully branded Applicant Tracking System (ATS) recruitment software.

Click here for link to ATS Software.

We understand and listen to our clients about their individual business’  values and roles’ purpose and profiles’; to compile essential job and person specifications; including the key competencies and weightings required for role and company. This will provide clarity and objectivity in the selection process; and the Job specification will be a vital document to share with new hires as part of their terms and conditions of employment.

Support with proactive sourcing of active and passive potentially suitable candidates and/or well-crafted branded advertising on leading job boards. Bespoke packages are available.


CV assessments and optional video based technology for pre-recorded interviews for initial screening of candidates; with simple usage with clear timers and video controls, including control of questions’ sequence and re-recording configuration optional.

To add further insight to candidate(s) suitability, psychometric assessments are widely used and greatly assist in determining applicants’ future potential, performance and suitability for any role vacancy.  These include cognitive ability tests (general and role specific) and various questionnaires (to determine preferred behavioural work styles, highlight areas of strength and/or development, motivational influencers, leadership styles, suitability and support required for remote working).

Refer to Section on Psychometrics for further information.

Including guide to preparation and assessment of presentation(s); as may be appropriate for the role(s).

Including competency based interviewng with Scoring Assessment Matrix, to facilitate structure and objectivity and compliance of the selection process. Suitable for either highly or in-experienced hiring managers.

Offers / Administration

Often a very timely exercise and we can provide support on candidate correspondence and data storage and analytics throughout every stage of the recruitment and selection process.  This can be via ATS by hireful or own Company dedicated ATS software,  as appropriate.

In conjunction with hireful and as an employer client of AnoisHR, you may purchase your own fully branded Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) platform at discounted rates via AnoisHR and more. With ongoing user support, this ATS will streamline and centralise your recruitment processes, reduce costs and deliver an exceptional candidate experience.

Click here for more information on ATS

Support and objective advice regarding final short-listed candidate suitability.

Permanent, Temporary, Fixed-Term, Apprenticeship and Fixed-Purpose.