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If you are a business owner or leader, you know all too well how challenging it can be to manage your employees; together the high level of HR administration and where managing remotely.

Want to avoid losing hours on creating spreadsheets or databases for maintaining and controlling essential HR data? – we have the perfect solution for you!

We are proud to partner with software developers to offer you fully branded, GDPR compliant, user friendly and easily integrated HR software systems that empower SMEs with customer support; including myhrtoolkit – a cloud based Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and also the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Recruitment Software by hireful.

HRIS and ATS Software

So why go digital? now more than ever, with a bigger focus on remote/digital working and communications, these powerful systems will transform tedious and time-consuming administration of HR and/or Recruitment into super-efficient, centralised and streamlined processes; helping to ensure accuracy, accessibility and support the effective management of applicants, new recruits and existing employees.   

Specifically designed for SMEs and depending on individual business(es) requirements, each of the systems can be purchased separately as a standalone; or the HRIS can be fully integrated with the following compatible ATS (Recruitment module) – with technical support available.

myhrtoolkit is a powerful, highly secure online HR software package specifically designed for SMEs.  To relieve the burden of HR administration and manages legal compliance.  With employee self-service options availability and reporting capability; myhrtoolkit equips SMEs with all the essential HR information and related documentation – from employee onboarding and throughout the employee lifecycle, securely stored and retrieved in one central location; making it super-easy to efficiently collate and manage HR related information in just a few clicks and remain GDPR compliant.  

Core Modules of this HRIS include:

Personal Information – essentials for employees

Holidays Planner – bookings, tracking and approval

Absences – record and tracking management

Performance – record and review appraisals

Training – review, plan and manage

Group announcements  

Reporting and Sharing Documents

Mobile Application


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By installing hireful’s ATS (Recruitment Software), you can capture and efficiently administer all applicants for any/all vacancies in a central location (from application stage through to interview/testing/offer and regret stages); ensuring that as an SME, you can manage vacancies in a controlled and organised manner

We believe the foundation for success is based on having the right people employed; not from constantly spending valuable time reviewing or responding to unsuitable applicants or worse, by not responding to candidates at any stage.

With it’s core simplicity and easy navigation, the focus of hireful’s automated solution is on finding the right candidate quickly and reducing recruitment administration; whilst ensuring a positive candidate experience and saving more time for core business operations.  

Key features of this ATS include:

Customisable application form

Mobile friendly

Vacancy specific questions

GDPR Compliance

Hiring manager portal

Interview scheduling

Publish vacancies to website, social media channels

HRIS integration

Job alerts


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AnoisHR can also carryout HR and/or Recruitment Administration as part of our services – either using installed myhrtoolkit or hireful systems or access to any other HRIS or ATS that may already be in use.